Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bethel - again

 Brother Bradbury checking the heat in one of his rental units. He is in the living room - the tiny bedroom is through the door beside him. These small apartments rent for more than $1,000 per month in Bethel.

 Checking the price of oil in Bethel.

 Another shopping Center. I am standing in front of the lumber yard. The hardware store is to my right. The furniture store is straight ahead. All owned by the same company.

 These pilings are the foundation for a new shopping center that is being built.

 This is a new maternity center being built. Ladies who live in the villages are brought here to stay until they deliver their children.

 A 'musher' feeding his dog sled team.

This is the lady who organized the Bible study we taught in Toksook Bay 15 years ago. She now teaches school in a different village. She flew into Bethel and went to church with us on Friday night. She is in town for a teachers workshop.